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The lucid dreaming mask | Oct 2022

YUME is a set of lucid dreaming devices that create integrated and supreme lucid dreaming practice experiences for lucid dreamers. Record your dream content and connects to the neurofeedback community for clinical contribution of lucid dreaming. Inspired by the symbolism of different animals in dreams. YUME simply means dream in Japanese, also can be understood as the companion of LDP (Lucid Dreaming Practice), like You plus Me. 

“We enter the bardo, the intermediate state after death, just as we enter dream after falling asleep. If our experience of dream lacks clarity and is of confusing emotional states and habitual reactivity, we will have trained ourselves to experience the processes of death in the same way." 


Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

“a huge increase in connections between different brain regions that don’t normally communicate. These connections form brain cells, and these cells stay in existence even after the psilocin has worn off”


Rajeet S

Gradient Background


  • Our brain generates a specific type of brain wave called gamma after reaching the REM phase. Which can be detected through EEG (electroencephalogram) technology. 


  • The inducement of gamma waves has to do with Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) a type of chemical that naturally occurs in the pineal gland. DMT is associated with dreaming and higher states of consciousness.

  • DMT is also a type of psychedelic that induces unusual vivid visions when you’re awake.

  • REM sleep signals coming out of the hippocampus (which supports memory consolidation) are shut off, meaning we tend to forget our dreams after waking up

  • In Tibetan Buddhism, lucid dreaming practice is called dream yoga. The purpose of practicing dream yoga is a way to liberate emotions, and liberating emotions is a way to cut karma at its roots.

Increase your focus level in meditation

Integrate the EEG headband with the meditation mask fused with bone conduction technology. Adjustable fitting to the head. Relaxing fur escapes you out of reality. Gives readings to your brain activity and plays sounds that neuroscientists design to increase the focus level.

Start Lucid dreaming

Integrate the EEG headband and the sleep mask with a sound recorder will be used during sleep and for dream recording.

The bone conductors modules and the sound recorder will be embedded in the fur of both types of mask, which can

easily be taken out and put the fur to wash to keep away from allergies.