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降臨 | Arrival

這是一個公共海報設計計畫,於2022年完成。旨在通過解析Max Richter的主題曲《On the Nature of Daylight》的音樂音符呈現,揭示人類與外星生物之間獨特的關聯,從而創造出一個和諧的意象,展示出一個始終保持平行的宇宙。五線譜被故意去除,因為當兩個世界通過內心溝通時,實際上並不存在著界限。故意把海報放置在地鐵或其他擁擠的地方去制造出一種違和的視覺衝擊,以傳達人類在社會中的無知;宇宙之大足以讓我們想像脫離我們的自我意識。

This is a passionate PUBLIC POSTER project that's done in 2022. Seeking to unveil the unique correlations between humanity and extraterrestrial beings by breaking down the intricacies of language through the presentation of the music notes of the theme song "On the Nature of Daylight" by Max Richter, creating a harmony imagery but ever-aligned parallel universe. The tabs were intentionally removed as there're no boundaries actually exist between the two worlds when both are communicating through heart. Thought that putting the posters in the subway or other crowded places can create an interesting effect to convey the story where the ignorance of humanity in society. The universe is huge enough just by imagining to escape our egos from our minds.

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